Counseling and Psychological Services

Crisis Services

The wellbeing of Brown students is our priority. Students experiencing a crisis are always encouraged to reach out, even after hours.

CAPS is available on demand 24/7 and 365 days/year to support students experiencing a mental health crisis.

  • Call the CAPS phone number 401-863-3476 (also listed on the back of your Brown ID).
  • During regular work hours, either call or walk into CAPS to be seen urgently.
  • Overnights, weekends and holidays, call CAPS and follow the prompts to access the on call counselor

If you are facing a life-threatening medical or mental health emergency:

Sexual Assault Response Resources, available 24/7:

TimelyCare Teletherapy, available 24/7:

Additional Resources When in Crisis

If preferred, there are plenty of options for students to get the care they need outside of the university setting. Here are some community and national resources that provide urgent mental health services unaffiliated with Brown.
Knowing how to respond in a helpful manner when someone around you is struggling can be anxiety provoking; our hope is that the resources included here will empower you to respond in a compassionate, respectful and skilled manner to students in distress.