Counseling and Psychological Services


CAPS psychiatrists are a part of the greater Health & Wellness team that prescribes psychiatric medication for Brown students.

We offer psychiatric assessment, medication management, and consultation for enrolled students located in RI, who are actively engaged in therapy. Psychiatry works in collaboration with the CAPS staff, providers in Health Services, and all Health and Wellness as a part of a broader initiative to ensure superior mental health care at Brown.

Medication Management

Before Enrolling at Brown

If you are already taking psychiatric medication prior to enrolling at Brown, please make a plan with your previous provider for a bridge prescription while you seek a new provider in Rhode Island.  

Please ask your provider to give you a several month supply in advance of leaving for school or call in a prescription with refills to a local pharmacy (Brown, Walgreens, CVS, etc).  The state of RI can receive prescriptions from all US states.

Current Students

CAPS provides psychiatric medication prescription as an adjunct to psychotherapy. If you would like to be prescribed psychiatric medication on-campus please talk to your therapist (at CAPS or in the community) about completing a medication referral. If you do not have a therapist please schedule a triage appointment at CAPS to make a plan for the semester.

Psychiatric Care at Health Services

If you are not interested in psychotherapy as part of your care and would like to explore medication options for mild/moderate depression or anxiety, please contact Health Services to meet with a provider there for a medication evaluation or adjustment. CAPS can also help connect you with psychiatrists in the community if preferred.

Finding Care in the Community

To find a community psychiatrist, you may look through your insurance network through Brown Student Insurance, go to the website connected to your insurance, or call the 'mental health' number on the back of your insurance card for referrals.

There are also advertising portals like Zencare and Psychology Today that students have described as helpful resources.

Students studying internationally may also get help accessing local care through International SOS, even if they are studying in their home country. The first step is to register your “trip” with International SOS and then contact them to request a psychiatrist near you.

Psychiatrist Request Form

Providers are asked to sign the document before submitting.
Email the completed form to