Counseling and Psychological Services

Individual Counseling

CAPS offers short-term, intermittent individual counseling for currently-enrolled students located in the state of Rhode Island.

During your first visit to CAPS, your counselor will focus on learning about what brings you to CAPS, ask you questions about your experience and make treatment recommendations that may include care at CAPS, referral to on-campus supports, or a referral to an off-campus mental health professional. Students will be scheduled for a 30-minute first session each semester they come to CAPS, even if they have accessed services before. Please note that we cannot accommodate individual counselor preferences for your 30-minute treatment planning session. This treatment planning appointment is used as an opportunity to discuss your counseling needs and preferences.

Students who come to CAPS for individual counseling typically have 50-minute appointments with their counselors every other week. They engage with their counselor to identify goals and duration of treatment. CAPS counselors build their caseloads throughout each semester; students are asked to attend scheduled appointments or communicate with their counselor to reschedule within two weeks, to remain on a counselor's caseload.

CAPS offers both in person and telehealth (via Zoom) appointments. We ask students come in person to CAPS for urgent appointments.

Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to your CAPS appointment to check-in and complete pre-appointment forms. This will allow you and your CAPS counselor to maximize your scheduled appointment time.

Additional Options

Students can gain support through a clinical or support group led by CAPS therapists to address a variety of mental health needs.

The wellbeing of Brown students is our priority. Students experiencing a crisis are always encouraged to reach out, even after hours.
CAPS psychiatrists are a part of the greater Health & Wellness team that prescribes psychiatric medication for Brown students.